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Learn more about patients’ experience with tourniquetless knee replacement with the testimonial videos below.

Patty – Tourniquetless Total Knee Replacement

Video Transcript

Patty: I grew up near a lake so I skied. I moved up here because of the lake. I was worried last summer when I was finished skiing because it just hurt too much to do it. Every time I crossed the wake it was like teeth chattering pain. It was really interfering with what I wanted my lifestyle to be. I’m Patty, I live her in Noblesville. I like being very active, I like to take long walks with the dog, I play tennis and water ski. Which I’ve been doing for about 40 years. When I was 30 I got really sick and they had to give me IV steroids, I asked the doctor then if there was any side effects and he said yeah you you’re going to get early arthritis in your knees, and I did. I had my first knee done 5 years ago and it was the most painful experience I ever had in my life when I woke up from that surgery. The result was good, but the actually post-op was just horrible. Doing the physical therapy was painful, it was a lot of swelling and it just made me fearful of having the right knee done. The recovery was awful. My right knee started going bad and I knew I was going to have to have it done so my family doctor referred me to Dr. Ginther and Dr. Ginther explained everything to me and just said that the procedure had changed and that it would be better this time.

Dr. Ginther: I still remember when I met Patty for the first time. She had had her left knee done by a friend of mine, another surgeon. She was very happy with her result but she had a great fear of having to go through the whole process again. Through the pre-operative information with her talked about tourniquet-less knees, talked about the benefit to her and the more rapid recovery that she should experience and started to set the stage for that. I started looking at not using a tourniquet because I kept going up the night after surgery and the complaint after surgery was thigh pain. An instrument I use called the Aquamantys enables me to control the bleeding as I go through surgery and have less bleeding. That tool is a very important, very critical of this whole process, because at this point in time people at night when you come up they’re not hurting.

Patty: The next day I woke up and I swear I could have walked around the block like this really doesn’t hurt, I can move it, I can bend it, there’s not that much swelling. It just went amazingly well.

Dr. Ginther: She hasn’t had an issue with that down time with her fitness. The strength that she needed to water ski, to play tennis, she’s already doing that at 3 months. So what we’ve done is made something that was very hard for her not so difficult now. She’s been able to achieve the goals she wanted to achieve very quickly after surgery.
Patty: I mean I am ever so grateful for Dr. Ginther I mean I tell everybody that because they can’t believe I just had my knee done. I mean the water skiing was totally amazing when I got out there and got up, I mean I can’t believe I can do all this stuff pain free. It just made my life where I can do what I want to do. I am truly grateful.


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